Crazy Fun Car Racing Game

jersey-kart-cover-200x250Jersey Kart is a kart-style racing video game featuring many different exciting races, impressive speeds, amazing tricks and power-ups to use against opponents. It also has the multiplayer option and lots of other options to customize the game according to your preferences including various skins for the user interface.

This car racing game offers one of the best ways to relax, have tons of fun and jersey-kart-cover-200x250practice your racing skills when you have a spare moment. Whether you want a quick race while on a break, to engage in a tournament and speed your way through multiple challenging landscapes or set up a multiplayer game, Jersey Kart guarantees an awesome car gaming experience.

Jersey Kart offers exciting scenery, captivating background music, and you can choose between different game modes including Normal Race (all blows allowed so get as many weapons as you can and use them smartly), Time Trial (no powerups in this mode, it’s all about driving skills) and Follow the Leader (where you have to keep up with the leader without overtaking it).

About is a website offering for free download the Jersey-Kart rally racing game. The game has lots of amazing circuits, electrifying scenery, well-suited background music, insane speeds and challenges. It also includes funny tricks and power-ups you can use against opponents. Jersey-Kart is suitable for all ages as a great way to relax, have lots of fun and work on your driving skills when you have time to kill.

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